The history of our university begins with the formation of the Faculty of Agronomy in 1977.

The students of our faculty had to do everything in our university for the first time. “Make your own university (and at that time Sumy Branch of Kharkiv State University named after Dokuchaev) with your own hands,” – under this motto, first-year students lived. The first enrollment of students took place in Kharkiv. And in order to open the doors of own university, it was necessary to study and work. And the first of September in the the native “Alma Mater”.  The students are building the walls of the first hostel. It is not only the development of a parallel profession, a good contribution to their financial status, but also the formation of a life position: “To be the first, to do with a view to the future, to learn new.”

The faculty is a ship. And the course where it  goes depends on the captain. For a quarter of a century, the permanent captain of the Faculty of Agronomy was Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Plant Protection A.K .Mishnev. Different times were in the country. Different times were at the university. He was always the first.The first state exams, the first graduation, the first award of diplomas, the first works in the field of study. But life is changing, the leaders are changing, and the baton of the dean after Anatoly Kyrylovych was taken by Viktor Kabanets, then Vladimir Nagorny, and the faculty is currently headed by Igor Kovalenko.

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The Faculty of Agriculture has a research and production complex. It includes not only research fields, but also a breeding and seed-growing complex, a training and practical center together with a greenhouse complex, a teaching and scientific garden, an arboretum, a park-monument of landscape art in the village. Kyyanytsya.

The research work is focused on the study of technology of production, processing and sale of environmentally friendly crop production, breeding and seed production of potatoes and oilseeds, conservation, geobotanical, population studies, introduction of new methods of biotechnology, agrochemicals and farms protection of plants from pests and diseases, improvement of the territory, its landscaping.

The students are trained in specialized laboratories and classrooms, that helps to obtain the skills of chemical analysis, determination of grain, etc.

The educational process and knowledge assessment is carried out according to a modular rating system. Knowledge quality control is carried out by means of Computer tests, control and graphic-design works, laboratory works, seminars. To improve the level of independent preparation of students for classes, educational and methodological complexes of disciplines are used, which include lectures, laboratory-practical classes, independent work, packages of test tasks, topics and examples of course papers, abstracts, additional educational information.

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Teachers use modern teaching methods, namely multimedia lectures. This is facilitated by the availability of equipment (computers, projectors, multimedia board).

The Faculty publishes annually two collections «Bulletin of Sumy National Agrarian University», series «Agronomy and Biology», which is included in the List of professional publications of HAC. Conferences of students, graduate students and teachers are also held, theses of which are published in separate collections of conferences of the university, since 2009 – in the electronic collection on the website of the university.