Training of specialists in the field:
– agroecology;
– breeding and seed production;
– organic farming crop production (training of experts in the assessment of the suitability of agricultural landscapes, quality of crop products, the use of fertilizers, plant protection products, seeds, agricultural machinery, hybrids and varieties of agricultural crops).

The educational and professional program includes cycles of disciplines:
– Agrarian policy
– Agrarian and environmental law
– Agrotechnology for the creation and use of forage land
– Adaptive farming systems
– Biotechnology in crop production
– Geoinformation systems
– State control system in seed production
– Business Foreign Language
– Economics and organization of agricultural service
– Integrated plant protection
– Information technology in agronomy
– Computer Methods in Agronomy
– Research methods and organization in agronomy
– Forecast and programming of crops
– Psychology and pedagogy
– World agrotechnology
– Selection of individual crops and varieties
– Systems of modern intensive technologies
– Special genetics
– Special breeding of crops
– Modern problems of agroecology
– Philosophy of Science
– Labor protection in the industry and civil protection

– head,
– the chief specialist of the enterprise,
– a leading agribusiness specialist,
– scientific and pedagogical employee of agricultural universities and research institutions of NAASU,
– consultant on rendering services in the field of planting and animal husbandry,
– specialist in precision agriculture and IT technologies in the agricultural sphere

On a budget:
– Ukrainian language and literature
– Biology
– Chemistry or mathematics.
On a contract:
– Ukrainian language and literature
– History
– Biology or physics.