On February 17 Associate Professor of the Department of Plant Production Ilchenko V.A. held a competitive open lecture on the discipline “Designing technological processes in plant production” on the topic: “Energy tools and their characteristics” for students of the 4th year of the specialty “Agronomy”.
The purpose of the lesson was to study the peculiarities of energy means in crop production. Obtaining a system of scientific knowledge, skills in the design of technological systems (operations, processes and technological support of technologies). By substantiating the importance of energy resources, students should have a sense of responsibility when planning ways to use them effectively to produce high crop production results.
The lecture was held at a high level using modern teaching methods. Multimedia presentation of textual, graphic and schematic components of the lecture material was used in the teaching of the lecture material for the purpose of quality perception.
As a logical conclusion of the lecture, students learned the presentation of the material presented using the online service Kahoot.

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